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Gianni is passionate about encouraging hairdressers to recognise their own worth. He believes this is key to moving the industry forward. Gianni says “The problem is not that a hairdressers intelligence is not recognised by society, it is that our intelligence is sometimes not recognised by hairdressers themselves. When I have direct contact with hairdressers, it changes their perception of themselves.” We are proud to have Gianni  presenting on our Business Counts main stage on Monday 14th October 2019

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Us social media users are somewhat like magpies. Attracted to shiny devices, shiny apps on our shiny screens, shiny accounts and shiny people. We are dazzled by the shiny social media surrounding us. Research tells us the average person will spend five years and four months on social media in their lifetime. When used in a healthy way social media can enhance our lives in a myriad of positive ways. However, some people become dazzled by the shiny social media surrounding us. Damien has some fascinating information to help us adjust our relationship with social media to help us take what is relevant and helpful and leave the rest.

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A guide to implementing the 8 Essential Steps to Financial Success

A master of implementation and consistency, Brittany will talk about why change fails and why a sense of urgency is so important. If ENGAGE AND ENABLE and IMPLEMENT AND SUSTAIN sound like topics that could help you and your team, better results are just 8 steps away.

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The definition of disrupt is ‘drastically alter or destroy the structure’ - Daniel believes it is better to disrupt than be disrupted. Example; the marketplace is changing, for consumers purchase decisions were about ‘value’ - today those decisions are made on ‘values’. Daniel has some ideas on where to put our disruptor focus.