Damien Massias

Through unconventional means Damiens become a philosopher of sorts and has overhauled his own life. He can guide and direct you on how to drastically improve yours. From an early age, his father, a professional coach and sociologist, taught him some things that others were not taught. He studied human and social sciences academically, and taught him how to observe and study human behaviour, through his stories and their experiences together. Growing up, Damien spent hours debating and discussing life, and what it means to be human, and what it means to be happy, and what it means to be free. As a teenager, Damien was passionate about sports and started coaching as a traditional sports coach, coaching football and swimming. As a coach, Damien learnt ways to teach and help people beyond the sport. For example, he was able to help many people overcome anxiety with water, which brought him great joy. As a young adult, he took a leap of faith, moving to the UK without speaking a word of English. Within a few months of dedicated study, and practising with locals, he was able to speak enough English to become a ski and snowboard instructor. Again, he discovered through extreme sports that coaching was not only about the sport, but showing people how to conquer their fears, by challenging their ideas and perceptions of their abilities, he was able to banish their doubts and build their confidence. As a member of the British Airways cabin crew, observations of human behavioural patterns on board allowed him to fine tune his general understanding. He could see how people acted in relation to contentment and success, fulfilment and satisfaction. His experience showed him how to facilitate satisfaction and happiness in people; showing them the way to create this in themselves. Having always displayed a natural affinity for challenging friends and colleague’s behaviours and beliefs - and spending literally thousands of hours coaching and advising them - ‘Why aren't you a life-coach?’ became so frequent a question, that he could no longer deny his true calling: To inspire and encourage others to realise their full potential. Damien says "The true nature of life coaching is acting as a catalyst for change, no questions, and no excuses."