Daniel Andersson

Born in the north of Sweden Daniels passion for ice hockey is natural. Growing up, his spare time was spent on the ice and this is where he developed his "grit" and determination. A never give up attitude and an aptitude for winning is at Daniels core. He went to Ice Hockey college to pursue his dream of being a professional ice hockey player but an unfortunate injury resulted in the end of his sponsorship and therefore his career. Heartbroken and at a loss of what to do next, Daniel left Sweden to travel and worked as a chef in Ireland, UK, Spain, Norway and Sweden. He settled in the UK, and a chance conversation with friends changed the trajectory of his career. He entered the Hairdressing industry as an appointment centre manager at the 7 salon Browns Group. He transitioned from there to Mutu Solutions which was his entry into sales in the hair industry. He moved to the USA and worked as a sales consultant with Eufora for 4 years. During his time with Eufora in USA he won a national sales competition, the prize which was to represent Eufora at The Golden Globes alongside Don Bewley. This was a pivotal event in Daniels career. Don inspired Daniel dream big. Don became a great mentor for Daniel and his guidence and advice have been invaluable. In 2011 Daniel and his wife Debbie Digby returned to the UK and launched the education and distribution company Passion4hair. Today, Daniels passion and determination to succeed is driving Passion4hair into the forefront of the UK hair industry. When educating in salons he is often mistaken as a hairdresser such is his knowledge of hairdressing, science and products.