Culture, Community and Corona Virus

We (Passion4hair) are so grateful and touched by the numerous messages of thanks from our customers for what we consider to be ‘just what we do.’

We believe passionately in our 'MISSION STATEMENT’ and so it just comes naturally to us to gravitate towards new solutions for the benefit of all.

Mission Statement

“To be the best business relationship with the salons we do business with. To find solutions that benefit our customers, their customers and consequently us."

It was easy for us to kick into a different gear at the beginning of ‘lockdown’ - not because we are immune to the worries and concerns that come with having to pause our industry whilst the nation fight the threat of Coronavirus. NO - it was because we have a compelling VISION that we are living everyday.

The Vision

Our vision is to educate and support the Independent Salon Owner and Stylist. We are constantly focusing on new solutions that give better results to the hair industry. The funding of these activities is supported by the sale of products that are part of the business success solution. We believe in really committing & focusing on select, like minded, independently owned brands. We believe in deep collaboration and cross pollination of the people we choose to do business with,which allows us to develop in ways others cannot. We will not settle for anything less then excellence and we admit when we are wrong. We have the courage to change. We will continue to work on these values until they are so embedded, we cannot fail to do well.

We are passionate about our culture, if you know us you will know our TOGETHERNESS AND SUCCESS. It is the creed we choose to help us live and work together in harmony.

Togetherness And Success

  • Be happy and helpful

  • We are a learning organisation pursuing excellence through understanding

  • Know the value of the bad truth vs. a good lie

  • Change is uncomfortable but failure to change…

  • There is so much competition – what makes us unique and different?

  • Gossip harms – please be upfront

  • Practice tough love

  • Live on the front side

  • Do what’s right

  • Always do the best you can

  • Treat others the way you wish to be treated – Lou Holtz

  • Successful people have initiative and imagination

  • Bring solutions

  • Use resources responsibly

  • Balance – That which is good for both will last

  • Have trust and respect for those with whom you work

And you have probably already guessed why I am sharing this with you on this Monday morning! Whilst we have time in abundance to work on our business because we are not able to work in it, make a plan for refreshing your business MISSION, VISION and CULTURE. Quite frankly without ours we would probably still be trying to work out what the hell we are going to do for the future. Instead we have launched the successful P4h Academy Online and the #SALONLOVE campaign.



Retrain the team on these important elements as well as the new information we have to teach them because the foundation is as important, if not more important to our success as understanding how to sanitise a workstation.

As always, we are here for you should you need a helping hand,

Warm wishes

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