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From it's inception the #SALONLOVE campaign was created to support you, the independent salon and stylist. Passion4Hair is committed to you and your success, we believe our industry begins and ends with the hairdresser. GOING DIGITAL The UK is the third largest m-commerce market in the World behind China and the US. It is predicted that by 2023 73% of all retail sales will be through m-commerce. THE GOOD NEWS The hair and beauty industry does really well online, sales are indeed good. You likely purchase some of your personal products this way ? THE NOT SO GOOD NEWS Online haircare sales do not benefit the independent salon or stylist! If you are choosing to carry a product range that has established direct sales channels online, it is my belief that you are leaving money on the table. This should not surprise you, it is the elephant the room that hairdressers simply accept. Even if you are satisfied with your retail sales, do you wonder if they could be better? Ask yourself this, has your retail business had growth in proportion to the online retailers? My guess is - it has not.  E-commerce or m-commerce to be specific, is nothing new to you or your clients. The truth is we are all very dependent on our mobile devices for everyday tasks. To have an App offering salons and stylists commission on all purchases is however new!  #SALONLOVE has been created to keep the integrity of the brands we offer, the integrity of Passion4hair as your partner distributor and, of course you the independent salon and stylist. Too often and for too long, salons have been “side stepped” by online sales, not being rewarded for making the brands popular in the first place. How can any salon be happy with this? It is time to stop playing that “game” and create our own game where the rewards are fairly and rightly distributed. What #SALONLOVE offers you

- Protects the Re-Purchase

Even when you are successful at recommending a salon exclusive product range the risk of missing out on the re-purchase is real. Your clients might run out of product between visits and choose to buy a similar product based solely on description, and it is most likely to be an online purchase. Remember, clients don't go without shampoo. The question to ask is, do they buy it from you? Don't leave money on the table. - Offer your clients convenience #SALONLOVE is your 24/7 business partner selling your retail 7-days a week! Maybe “popping” into your salon is not always possible or convenient for your clients? Having your products delivered to your client’s doorstep is. As I am writing this email, #SALONLOVE has been launched and been available for 3 short days, the App has had orders between 4 am to 12 midnight, that is a great insight and showcases the need for convenience and availability. All salons in the P4H network can offer this great service. - Showcase more products Are you using a HH Simonsen styler to create beautiful hair but you don't stock it on the shelf? #SALONLOVE will stock that for you and your clients. The purpose is not to transfer in-salon sales to the App but to leverage availability and the convenience for your clients. At the time of this email #SALONLOVE has 243 products available for your clients. That's 243 sales opportunities. Your clients like you, trust you and they want to support you. The #SALONLOVE App honours this relationship and rewards you with commission. Your success to make #SALONLOVE a true partner and success in your salon does still depend on providing a great salon experience. Experience is still the best “sales person” and the App is just another tool for you to ensure your clients get the best from you. 3 Steps to ensure you get the best from #SALONLOVE. 1. Educate! Everyone’s favourite station WIIFM. What is in it for you, your team and your clients? Communicating the benefits for all is paramount to the success of the #SalonLove campaign. Use the QR codes to help your clients download the APP and make sure they enter your salon on entry. This will ensure their orders are applied to your salon account so start earning with the first sale and will be rewarded with every order. Make sure the team understand how they will be rewarded for client purchases on the #SalonLove APP. You will be more successful if the team is behind the campaign. 2. Create reason to BUY Remember the #SalonLove App is an addition and support to in-salon retail! Let your clients know your salon products are available even when they are not in the salon. When you communicate the importance of great haircare (your clients hair goals are created 60% what you do in the salon and 40% what she does at home to maintain the style) you create urgency. When you make the products available outside a salon visit you create convenience. When we provide a free gift we create another incentive to buy. The recommendations and advice given during the service are imperative to your campaign success. 3. Promote! Promote! Promote! Your guests know you, trust you, and want to help support your business. So, initiate a full-blown campaign to ensure your clients know your products are always available even when they are not visiting the salon. Use our in-salon material and digital assets to promote #SalonLove. Take the steps to ensure your salon make the most of m-commerce and reap the benefits. We are super excited by the early positive feedback and implementation of the new App, we believe this is the beginning of a new and prosperous era for the Passion4hair network. Together we can make real progress and carve out a fantastic future. Make sure you utilise the digital resources from and by all means create your own communication. Lastly, If you have not had a look at the #SALONLOVE T&C’s, I recommend you read them.

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